Custom-configured AC Power Cables using Acrolink 7N-P4030 II

Every possible step has been taken to achieve true “State of the Art”. Every one of our products is made under our direct supervision to the highest and strictest standards. Since even minute vibrations can lead to failure, we carefully choose each part to assure ease of assembly and operation and, especially, safety.

Materials are selected for superior sound quality, durability and reliability. To achieve our aim, cost is a secondary consideration. Avoiding unnecessary decoration and complexity, we are proud to deliver these products of value for your listening pleasure.

Customers have also reported great results with the 046 and 037 cables on their plasma and LCD monitors.

I looked many years for a great-sounding, but fairly-priced power cable to meet the needs of many music lovers, and one to recommend for use (as a lower-cost alternative) for the Power Wing. After a good deal of testing, I found a superior product, one that clearly outperformed several other very popular, far more expensive, and well-reviewed cables. The Acrolink 7N-P4030 was that choice, and I custom-configured many cables with a choice of Oyaide connectors. With further system testing, I also determined that by adding my customary double-cryogenic treatment, together with the accelerated break-in and superior conditioning of the Cable Cooker (as used for all WorldPower products), an already terrific product became extraordinary. The new Acrolink 7N-P4030 continues that tradition with an even higher-purity conductor and high-purity copper shield, offering even more resolution, refinement, and an enhanced musical experience.

For those interested in higher performance for their audio & video systems, without breaking the bank, these custom-configured cables have made an impact in the audiophile marketplace. There is tremendous hyperbole in this marketplace, with too many cable manufacturers extolling their designs, declaring them “the best in the world”. Many times they are very good, or just o.k., and not ground-breaking. But as I’ve remarked over the years, “hearing is believing”. These Acrolink cables, treated in the manner of all WorldPower products, are quite remarkable, especially in light of their price-performance ratio. Are they “the best”? What is “best” is only what works synergistically in your own system …what others declare is irrelevant.

You are invited to experience them. And if, for instance, you later decide you prefer one “flavor” over another, exchanges will be happily made.

…alan m. kafton

Acrolink 7N-P4030 II Specifications

  • Conductors: 10-gauge, 6N Copper–0.26mm X 100 strands X 2 (red and black)….4N5 copper ground–0.26mm X 100 strands X 1 (green)
  • Shield: Copper foil


Pricing includes double-cryogenic treatment and 6 days of conditioning on the Cable Cooker.

Please call for pricing on longer lengths.

Plug Type 1.0 meter length 1.5 meter length 2.0 meter length
Oyaide 037 plugs(rhodium-over-silver) $495 $595 $700
Oyaide 079 plugs(direct gold) $510 $610 $710
Oyaide 046 plugs(palladium-over-gold) $520 $620 $720
Oyaide 004 plugs(palladium-over-platinum) $585 $685 $790

Plug Type Descriptions

  • Rhodium-over-silver (037)
    vivid….immediate….a sense of increased detail….a closer musical perspective.
  • Direct gold (079)
    luxurious….rich….soulful….an extraordinarily deep and wide soundstage….speakers disappear.
  • Palladium-over-gold (046)
    extraordinary clarity….increased nuance and subtlety….a deep and wide soundstage….a ‘cooler’ presentation than the direct gold.
  • Palladium-over-platinum (004)
    the greatest frequency extension of all the Oyaide….a deep and wide soundstage….great clarity, nuance, and refinement.

True Purity

Various manufacturers claim to produce ultra high purity, 6N (99.99997%) copper; however, different refining processes yield materials that vary greatly in both the composition of impurities and crystalline structure.

Most of the “so called” 6N and 7N materials are not measured comprehensively. Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry – an extremely powerful tool for performing ultra-trace elemental analysis has been applied to Acrolink’s 6N pure copper. The results in the accompanying table demonstrate that Acrolink has achieved an unrivalled standard of purity.

The Effect of Impurities

Minute impurities create variations in impedance, inhibiting the ability of a cable to achieve extended frequency response. Responsible for meeting the needs of leading edge computer and aerospace technology, Acrolink has developed a multi-stage process that removes each impurity individually. Applying this to audio they have been able to achieve flat frequency response to 18 GHz in their Mexcel series!


After the cable core is formed, the Acrolink Stress-Free process is applied in a clean, oxygen free environment. This imparts permanent self-annealing properties: No matter how often the cable is bent or impacted, it will always return to its original relaxed state (uniform crystalline structure).


A new polymer polyolefin, presently the best material available, has been chosen for the insulator for its extremely low dielectric constant (1/3 of polypropylene and 1/4 of PVC).

Resonance Absorption

Proper absorption of resonance is one of the key factors in determining final sound quality. Acrolink has focused on this issue for many years and developed tremendous expertise. Materials are carefully selected for each individual design in order to achieve perfectly balanced and effective absorption.